Below is a list of the 20 most popular add ons that Entertainment & Sounds Unlimited offers its customers. Some add ons may be more appropriate for specific events, however we feel that you will find at least one or two that may just be right for you, no matter what type of event you're planning!

ESU offers a variety of the new and exciting options as well as the classics! Take a look below at some of the coolest add ons in the industry. To discuss our full line of options for your special event, give us a call !

Intelligent Light Show

Intelligent lighting, sometimes called automated lighting or moving head lighting, is an innovative type of lighting that has been in circulation for the disc jockey, the stage and the club world for over 20 years. As time has progressed so has the technology associated with these lights and their effects and capabilities. Usually controlled through an automated system like a computer ,these lights are capable of creating complicated effects, shapes and designs throughout the banquet room or on stage. With the touch of a button they can make your room turn from sunrise to sunset and because of their Spotlighting and Tracking capabilities intelligent lights are the most popular lights at any mobile event.

Decorative Lights

Decor or Uplighting is a series of lights, set up around a room (or outside a building), placed on or near the floor, shining up toward the walls. The lights could be in any color or shade of the visual spectrum which if you remember from your Freshman Biology class the colors of the rainbow ROYGBIV (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet. When they're implemented correctly, the house lights at the venue can be dimmed and when used properly, uplighting can greatly enhance the ambiance of the room in a very elegant way. The photo to the left shows elegant indigo uplighting behind a bride and groom's table to enhance where they are seated. It adds attention ambience and so much more the photographers photos. The Pink Picture to the right is an example of uplighting around the entire room talk about setting the scene and creating drama!

Interactive Glow DJ Booth

A facade is usually the piece of equipment a Dj uses to hide his or her gear from audience. Some jocks still even Dj on a table without a facade which usually looks very unprofessional and can be a real eyesore. A Facade, creates a mobile DJ booth and a barrier between the DJ and the Audience, it is usually a U shaped piece of carpeted plywood and for years, were mostly manufactured in Black or Charcoal Grey. For the last 6 years ESU DJs has moved away from the traditional black and grey front boards to a much more trendier color... WHITE! And for the last 4 years, ESU Djs has been setting the trend with some of the most creative DJ Booths in the Industry. These DJ booths start out white but with the touch of a button can turn into any color that our customers wish. The booths are backlit with our high end LED Lights and look marvelous. Pick a color any color... you can even match the Dj booth too!  We now offer DJ Booths with different shapes and Acrlyic tops. We even can provide a "Plush All Leather Booth" too if LED is not your style.

Glow Stage

The Glow Stage is Ready willing and able to rock your next event. We envision the following uses of the glow stage.
Our DJ & musicians will be performing from it.
We envision Brides and Grooms having their sweet heart table on it. This will create a magical place for them during the wedding.
We see Sweet 16's and Bar Mitzvahs teens dancing on it.
We see everyone having the time of their life on it.



Photo Booths



Zap Shots & Pop Up Pictures
Dry Ice Effect
  • With dry ice, there's no chemicals, no odor and no residue. Plus, it's extremely quiet. Once it's in place, all you'll see is the low lying fog cloud and all you'll hear is your music. Your guests will see you dancing on a cloud!
Laser Light Show
  • This is a true laser that can create an incredible effect on the dance floor and throughout the room.
  • From Star Trek to Star Wars- We can create the space age image you want. This laser can even write text on the walls of your party room. Imagine having "Happy Bat Mitzvah Hillory" written on the walls with laser lights.
Confetti Blast
  • Can be very effective during different points of the evening.
  • It's the new style of confetti that you have seen used at the Super Bowl and the World Series.
  • A truly amazing experience!
  • Safe and Extremely Effective
  • Our Staff can set these up in most catering halls. Examples: in the centerpieces or at any designated area around the room providing an incredible effect! Can be used for a "Grand Entrance" or at any point during your event!


  • Smoke enhances the effect of lighting and lasers. It is safe and used only periodically during the night.
  • Bubbles can create a really elegant look to your event.
  • We can make it SNOW indoors. Give it a try, you'll love it! Does not get clothing wet or stained. Truly effective!
  • These are handheld, easy to use and are always considered a sure crowd pleaser. These CO2 guns blast out a cold air that is safe to inhale and cool to dance in, creating a stunning visual effect as well as good vibe in any party. Your crowd will feel the cold atmospheric change and cool down immediately as your gun discharges this super cold CO2 into the air.
Glow Tubes


Plasma TV

Our multimedia packages will add a special touch to your event
Multimedia packages can transform an event into a unique & live experience! Have a one, two or three Plasma TVs play during your event


Celebrity Look a Likes
Live Camera Simulcast

Live Video Feed or Wireless Video
See yourself dancing with the help of our stationary camera on our Plasma screen TVs. Go wireless with an additional videographer who will also record all the footage of the evening. This video footage can be given to the person who is creating your master DVD recording of the event.



Adding live percussion to your event will liven things UP! Read more about our theory on adding live entertainment to your event on our "Fusion" page.

MTV Music Video

MTV music videos will be played on our plasma TV screens while you and your guests are dancing to the songs.





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