Is it a Band? Is it a DJ? No it's Fusion! The most innovative and creative way to enhance your event. Adding live pieces or musicians including percussion, Saxophone, Electric Violin and more is one of the most explosive ways to make your event unique and trendy.

Fusion ...HYBRID DJ ENTERTAINMENT is the incorporation of live entertainment to accompany your Disc Jockey entertainment. Adding, or what we at ESU call Fusing, live entertainment into the mix is one of the most explosive ways to make your event unique and trendy.

Hereís an example, imagine while you and your guests are dining there is a live performance of Opera being sung by our Opera Tenor or imagine that while you are dancing to the pulsating music there is a Percussionist playing a full set of bongos and congas to enhance the beats and accompany the music.

Whether itís a Saxophonist, Violinist , Percussionist or Vocalist, we have what it takes to take your event to the next level. A list of the services that incorporate live entertainment is available please inquire.


Steel Drum Cocktail Hour

Steel Drum Cocktail Hour


Krystal V! Who said Percussion was for boys only!

Andre Caribbean Steel Drum Master Steel Drum Summer Time Corporate Style
Sax Demo Fusion Electric Violin Demo

I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did for Jackie's wedding. It
was as much a party as Lizzie's Wedding was 8 months ago! BTW which I didn't think
would ever be possible.

People are still calling us to comment on the often does that

Feedback: Saxophone player-excellent addition...People commented it gave a
band feel" to the music.

Photo Booth-People LOVED it...go figure....Old and Young.
I think it makes a difference when you have someone "man it" as you did.

Are you in any evening next week? I would like to stop by with something for you and team

Adrienne Mecca , Mother of the Bride
Coveleigh Club Rye, NY

You guys did such an AMAZING job!!!!! We couldn't have asked for better entertainment, my family can't stop raving about the fusion!!!!!! Can't believe how quickly it all went but I can't wait to see the pics and video!!!!!!! Thanks Debbie Repoli!!!!

Lori & Marc Renziri
Foh Hollow, Woodbury Long Island

Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for such a fantastic job at our wedding!! I really do not know where to begin...everything you provided was exactly what you promised and more!
We LOVED the electric violinist, the same day edit was amazing, photobooth a big hit, the music selection and montage just fit together perfectly. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication and you really went above and beyond. I will remember that day forever and you were a huge part of that!
Thank you for sending the link for the photo booth and zap much fun to look at!
Thanks a Million ! Talk to you soon!

Vanessa & David Anaya
FOX HOLLOW, Woodbury Long Island



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