Entertainment and Sounds Unlimited makes the following promise to you:

  • We will always treat you and your guests with respect

  • The success of YOUR reception is OUR responsibility

  • We will provide the highest level of customer service

  • We should meet or exceed all expectations -  all of the time

  • We will listen to your special needs, plans, and ideas

  • You will be treated as our only client

  • We will show up early - and be willing to go the extra mile

  • It is YOUR reception and we will listen to YOUR ideas

  • Quality only happens when you care about all of your clients

A party, particularly a wedding, is a wonderful, special event. But there are no second chances on the most important day in your life- your wedding. Years from now, what will your guests remember about your reception? Will they remember the food? Your flower arrangements? How the cake was decorated? Your guests will probably not remember any of these things. What they will remember is how much fun they had at your wedding! Even if the food, the flowers or the cake are less than perfect, the right DJ can make your party a huge success! On the other hand, you could spend thousands of dollars on the best caterers, flowers, invitations etc., and have a horrible party - if you hire the wrong DJ. Clearly, your wedding entertainment choices should be made carefully and not based on the best price you can find. You invest a lot of time and a lot of money to show your guests a great time.  But too many hosts make a critical mistake that can cause their party to fail -  they cut corners on the wedding entertainment.

No other single element of your reception will provide a greater impact for you and your guests than the entertainment. It is true - the DJ and the music can make or break any celebration! Entertainment & Sounds unlimited will help make your wedding reception special because we are professional disc jockeys and we LISTEN to our clients

As you plan the most important day in your life, please remember that the entertainment is the most critical element to any successful wedding reception. No other single vendor will provide a greater impact as to  how you and your guests remember your reception. The right music and the right entertainer can transform any reception into an event your family and your friends will be talking about for years to come.

Our goal is to take the guess-work out of choosing your entertainment. We are dedicated to working with you in planning a day that is truly special. There are several different options and packages customizable to your specific needs. Tell us what you want and then let your entertainer do the rest. Use our experience, professional ability and the best customer service in the industry to your advantage! We will gladly provide numerous references from recent satisfied customers.




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